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The Charm of Antique Carpets in Contemporary Interiors


The most exciting projects we have collaborated on in the last decade have been those that have tasked us to provide quirky antique rugs to cutting edge contemporary residences. As the vogue for minimalist furnishings and pale colors has expanded in today’s homes, it has proven to be a lifesaver for many design projects to throw in a couple of antique rugs and other colorful objects of choice.

Modern rugs are for the most part dull and soulless, working best (if at all) when there is some warmth around them to make up for their lack of spirit. Conversely, the heartwarming radiance of century old natural vegetable dyes and the intimate unpredictability of old carpets, particularly those of a tribal or rustic nature, have turned out to be winners time and time again. Natural dyes have an honesty to them that gives a carpet tremendous depth and texture, offsetting the rather gritty surfaces of fashionable materials like chrome, leather or lava stone (to cite examples of metal finishing, textured fabric, and flooring respectively).

The oxidation process, which every carpet on the planet has been organically subjected to from simple and daily exposure to oxygen, results in the natural dyes acquiring a delicious patina of age. This means the colors of an old rug have mellowed out and become rather restrained while losing none of their vibrancy or charm. What does this ultimately signify, in terms of furnishing and decoration? It means that the carpet is full of soul and adds life to the coldness of a monochrome off-white or grey-toned interior; and that its colors will react positively to everything around without screaming out loud. Finding the proper antique carpet is a rewarding journey that will bring multiple and repeated moments of joy to your home and gasps of pleasure to your life. These rugs have a character and a soul that will surprise you with new discoveries every time you walk into that particular room or space. At times you will admire the effortless tastefulness with which an ancient weaver combined certain colors together while at others you will be simply amazed at the motifs and secret symbols hiding in front of you in plain sight.

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What our customers say!

The idea of purchasing valuable rugs and other artwork online from an overseas seller is daunting for several reasons, not least of which is the fact that, not being able to examine and feel the rug for yourself, you are never entirely certain that the origin, age or condition of the rug corresponds with the dealer’s description. For me, I could never take this step unless I had absolute trust in the integrity of the dealer, and my recent experience with Hadi confirms that my faith in him was well placed. Every detail of the antique rug expertly explained by Hadi was accurate and when I finally received the actual rug, it turned out to be even more stunning than his photos depicted. F. Alsagoff, Singapore



I first met Dr. Maktabi as a lecturer on carpet history and was captivated by his passion for the subject. Only later I knew him as a dealer, though even in our financial transactions, Hadi has been a gentle guide and friend. He has understood my taste and interests and made wonderful suggestions, but never in a pushy way. That is to say I have enjoyed working with him on several levels and wish to continue our excellent relations and dealings far into the future. A. Harvey Pincis, formerly Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah Museum (Kuwait), Latvia πŸ‡±πŸ‡»


β€œI practically furnished my entire home with carpets from Hadi. The process was not only a joy but it was also a learning experience for me. Hadi was super helpful in identifying the right pieces for my home that would both work with my taste, budget, sizes required and that would be a good investment for my family. Hadi’s collection is second to none, and his knowledge and service is truly the blessing on top.” Amr Banaja, Public Investment Fund, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¦


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