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The Last Safavid Garden Carpet

The Last Safavid Garden Carpet

  • Number pon32

  • Type Workshop

  • Origin Isfahan

  • Material Wool

  • Style Tree

  • Size 213 x 163

  • Age 1128


Define a museum piece. This is one of only 4 known Safavid Garden Carpets topped with a mihrab niche making them prayer rugs in turn. Two have been published in 20th century literature but their whereabouts are unknown. The fourth is in the collection of the Imam Reza Shrine in Mashhad. Quite a pedigree. The carpet has an uncommon earthy toned complexion and its field is divided into four roughly equal areas by two bisecting channels of water running perpendicularly and meeting at a basin. Fish swim through the water while an assortment of peacocks, hoopoes and lovebirds perch on the trees. The influence of Safavid miniature painting, namely the Isfahan school associated with Shah Abbas II and Shah Sulayman is evident. It is dated 1128 equivalent to 1716, thereby making this the last dated Safavid carpet we know of. And the only yellow one.

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Acquiring a piece from my dear friend Hadi is truly a journey. We start that journey with a lesson and detailed background on any piece that is of interest. After a thorough discussion regarding the chosen piece or should I say marvel, since Hadi's pieces are truly marvels, Hadi guides us into why he would advise us to acquire it or go for another of his marvels that would suit us more than the one initially chosen. This sincere advice always makes us feel that we are generously taken care of by Hadi. The learning process and honesty in guidance make us go back only to Hadi whenever we are looking for our next beautiful piece for our homes. All I can say is thank you Hadi for your impeccable guidance and service. Abdullah Al-Awadhi, Kuwait 🇰🇼



J’ai fait la connaissance de Hadi lors de la préparation de l’exposition « L’Empire des roses, chefs-d’œuvre de l’art persan du 19ème siècle » qui a eu lieu au Louvre-Lens en 2018 et à laquelle il a participé par le prêt de tapis exceptionnels. J’avais alors été impressionnée par ses connaissances et sa passion pour les tapis orientaux. Cette rencontre a marqué le début d’une collaboration riche et fructueuse. Elle a notamment permis au musée du quai Branly-Jacques Chirac de voir ses collections iraniennes s’enrichir de plusieurs tapis et tentures dont certains n’ont pas leur équivalent dans les musées occidentaux. Ce que j’apprécie chez Hadi ? C’est son professionnalisme, son dynamisme et l’engouement qu’il a pour son métier ! Hana Chidiac, Curator of the Middle East Department at the Musee Quai Branly - Jacques Chirac, Paris, France 🇫🇷


I must say this one of the most enriching carpet purchase experiences I ever had. This was not a mere transaction but more an experience about art and history. Dr Maktabi's experience and knowledge in this space is second to none. Highly recommended! R.A., Doha, Qatar


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