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Eagle/Sunburst Chelabert

Eagle/Sunburst Chelabert

  • Number 713

  • Type Caucasian

  • Material Wool

  • Style Geometric

  • Origin Caucasian

  • Size 214 x 148

  • Age 1850


This is an early example of a famous and well recognizable breed of Caucasian rugs, woven in Karabagh, that have gone by various names across time. Originally 'Chelebi' Kazak, a misinterpretation of the village name where they were woven, they subsequently came to be called Adler Kazak (eagle in German) and then Sunburst Karabagh after the distinctive medallion. Nowadays they are referred to by their actual provenance, the village of Chelabert. Almost all examples you will see contain at least two sunburst medallions, all dating from post-1880 when the Russians took over carpet production in the Caucasus. This beauty predates that and is a noble survivor from a lost age.

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You can't only be a customer of Hadi Maktabi. While his main purpose is rug dealing, he starts with story telling and ends with history selling. That's what I call high-end art curating and closing it all with an entertaining friendship. George El Hani, CEO Levica, Lebanon 🇱🇧



I must say this one of the most enriching carpet purchase experiences I ever had. This was not a mere transaction but more an experience about art and history. Dr Maktabi's experience and knowledge in this space is second to none. Highly recommended! R.A., Doha, Qatar


As a carpet collector of 30 years, I have noticed a decline in the amount of truly unique and high quality carpets on the market. I have also noted a decline in the knowledge of merchants, generally. Hadi Maktabi stands against this trend as a both a curator for and an educator of his clients. His offerings are well-researched, museum quality carpets that are both singular and expertly chosen. In dealing with Hadi, I have experienced excellent communication, a high standard of service and extremely pleasant interactions. Warren D., Hong Kong 🇭🇰


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