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18 Century Sauj Bulagh

18 Century Sauj Bulagh

  • Number 1165

  • Material Wool

  • Style All Over

  • Type Tribal

  • Origin Kurdish

  • Size 742 x 242

  • Age 1750 - 1800


A long time ago, in a galaxy far away.. The world of carpets was much different to today. This is an excellent example of a notable group of Kurdish weavings falling under the Mina Khani design category. They were woven in the district of Sauj Bulagh in the 18th century and influenced the development of Persian carpet design throughout the 19th and 20th. In my book "The Persian Carpet: The Forgotten Years 1722-1872" I proved by way of inscribed and dated examples that this particular type was woven in the period 1775-1800. This palatial example was certainly commissioned for the mansion of a Khan, royal prince or an aristocratic dignitary judging by its size. The weave is fine yet sturdy and the dye materials from another planet. Most carpets from this period are in museums already and hardly any are available on the global market in any condition near this.

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I first met Dr. Maktabi as a lecturer on carpet history and was captivated by his passion for the subject. Only later I knew him as a dealer, though even in our financial transactions, Hadi has been a gentle guide and friend. He has understood my taste and interests and made wonderful suggestions, but never in a pushy way. That is to say I have enjoyed working with him on several levels and wish to continue our excellent relations and dealings far into the future. A. Harvey Pincis, formerly Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah Museum (Kuwait), Latvia 🇱🇻



Purchasing carpets from Hadi Maktabi was the epitome of professionalism and joy. Hadi is an expert curator, purveyor, historian and story teller. His passion, knowledge, professionalism and expertise are evident every step of the way. With a wide range of choices and prices, prompt service, and fast sipping, we had our carpets in Sydney in a matter of days. The ultimate flying carpet experience! Zeina Tebbutt, Sidney, Australia 🇦🇺


As a carpet collector of 30 years, I have noticed a decline in the amount of truly unique and high quality carpets on the market. I have also noted a decline in the knowledge of merchants, generally. Hadi Maktabi stands against this trend as a both a curator for and an educator of his clients. His offerings are well-researched, museum quality carpets that are both singular and expertly chosen. In dealing with Hadi, I have experienced excellent communication, a high standard of service and extremely pleasant interactions. Warren D., Hong Kong 🇭🇰


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