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Stunning Kashkuli Qashqai

Stunning Kashkuli Qashqai

  • Number 1KH3

  • Material Wool

  • Style All Over

  • Origin Qashqai

  • Type Tribal

  • Size 179 x 111

  • Age 1880


Exquisite tribal rug with standout natural dyes. The green medallion and navy blue corners are intoxicatingly beautiful. The waif like boteh forms denote a Kashkuli origin which the weave supports. It is extremely fine with one of the highest knot counts for a wool on wool rug. It's one of the better tribal rugs I've had and one that comes with no regrets.

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What our customers say!

Purchasing carpets from Hadi Maktabi was the epitome of professionalism and joy. Hadi is an expert curator, purveyor, historian and story teller. His passion, knowledge, professionalism and expertise are evident every step of the way. With a wide range of choices and prices, prompt service, and fast sipping, we had our carpets in Sydney in a matter of days. The ultimate flying carpet experience! Zeina Tebbutt, Sidney, Australia 🇦🇺



Hadi Maktabi and his staff provide comprehensive and thoughtful services to collectors and textile buyers worldwide. His knowledge of antique oriental rugs and textiles, including many fine offerings from the Levant, is unsurpassed. We have been loyal customers for over five years and have visited his Beirut premises. He has worked with us upon several occasions to select the exact Ottoman and Levantine pieces we wanted for our collection. You can be sure of quality and honesty when dealing with Hadi. Penelope and Timothy Hays, Just In From The East Collection, Florida 🇺🇸


“I practically furnished my entire home with carpets from Hadi. The process was not only a joy but it was also a learning experience for me. Hadi was super helpful in identifying the right pieces for my home that would both work with my taste, budget, sizes required and that would be a good investment for my family. Hadi’s collection is second to none, and his knowledge and service is truly the blessing on top.” Amr Banaja, Public Investment Fund, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦


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