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Houshang Shah Malayer

Houshang Shah Malayer

  • Number (sold)

  • Type Village

  • Material Wool

  • Style Pictorial

  • Origin Malayer

  • Size 153 x 95

  • Age 1900


It's always hard and usually rewarding to find Malayer rugs in the zaronim format of 5 x 3 feet. This one, with its off reds and off whites, depicts a charmingly clunky Houshang Shah on his throne. He is one of the main characters in the ancient Persian epic poem, the Shahnameh, and the manner of his representation here tells us that these folk tales were very popular even at a rural level.

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You can't only be a customer of Hadi Maktabi. While his main purpose is rug dealing, he starts with story telling and ends with history selling. That's what I call high-end art curating and closing it all with an entertaining friendship. George El Hani, CEO Levica, Lebanon 🇱🇧



I must say this one of the most enriching carpet purchase experiences I ever had. This was not a mere transaction but more an experience about art and history. Dr Maktabi's experience and knowledge in this space is second to none. Highly recommended! R.A., Doha, Qatar


To me personally there is no surprise, event or frankly anything that gets me more excited than the purchase of a treasured piece of understated artwork such as that of a proper vintage/antique carpet. The sourcing, grading and authentication of these pieces is no small task but is of the highest importance. Through the respected dealer Hadi Maktabi all that is guaranteed, and rest assured the one thing I can guarantee personally as a client is a first class service from the initial selection process till it gets delivered right to your door step. It was an undeniably special experience, with hundreds of carpets to choose from, will definitely be visiting again. Thank you dear Hadi. Habeeb Al Monawer, Kuwait 🇰🇼


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