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Bakhshayesh Bleu Blanc Rouge

Bakhshayesh Bleu Blanc Rouge

  • Number 375

  • Type Village

  • Material Wool

  • Style Medallion

  • Origin Bakhshayesh

  • Size 410 x 242

  • Age 1870


One of the best B's in the biz. It relies on an archaic and timeless engine of three primary colors: the gold old red, white and blue. The aesthetic is abstract and minimalist and oh so contemporary for a 150 year old thing. A hexagonal white medallion is appended to two crown motifs, all floating on a breathtaking sea of bright red, extracted from the madder plant known taxonomically as Rubia Tinctoris. The red field is in turn hexagonal and is framed by a mesmerizing sky blue frame with nuanced abrash. The white border with its spacious setting rhymes with the inner medallion. The odd size reaffirms the great age. Perfect condition and an excellent bit of evidence to show why these carpets are indeed the top favorites for both collectors and decorators.

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What our customers say!

Purchasing carpets from Hadi Maktabi was the epitome of professionalism and joy. Hadi is an expert curator, purveyor, historian and story teller. His passion, knowledge, professionalism and expertise are evident every step of the way. With a wide range of choices and prices, prompt service, and fast sipping, we had our carpets in Sydney in a matter of days. The ultimate flying carpet experience! Zeina Tebbutt, Sidney, Australia 🇦🇺



I first met Dr. Maktabi as a lecturer on carpet history and was captivated by his passion for the subject. Only later I knew him as a dealer, though even in our financial transactions, Hadi has been a gentle guide and friend. He has understood my taste and interests and made wonderful suggestions, but never in a pushy way. That is to say I have enjoyed working with him on several levels and wish to continue our excellent relations and dealings far into the future. A. Harvey Pincis, formerly Dar Al Athar Al Islamiyyah Museum (Kuwait), Latvia 🇱🇻


“You don’t just buy a rug from Dr Maktabi... It’s an experience, a rich one! You learn about history, culture & art. And more importantly you feel euphoric!” Dr Siamak Abolhassani, Expert Medical Care Clinics, Victoria, Australia 🇦🇺


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