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Bakhshayesh Bleu Blanc Rouge

Bakhshayesh Bleu Blanc Rouge

  • Number 375

  • Type Village

  • Material Wool

  • Style Medallion

  • Origin Bakhshayesh

  • Size 410 x 242

  • Age 1870


One of the best B's in the biz. It relies on an archaic and timeless engine of three primary colors: the gold old red, white and blue. The aesthetic is abstract and minimalist and oh so contemporary for a 150 year old thing. A hexagonal white medallion is appended to two crown motifs, all floating on a breathtaking sea of bright red, extracted from the madder plant known taxonomically as Rubia Tinctoris. The red field is in turn hexagonal and is framed by a mesmerizing sky blue frame with nuanced abrash. The white border with its spacious setting rhymes with the inner medallion. The odd size reaffirms the great age. Perfect condition and an excellent bit of evidence to show why these carpets are indeed the top favorites for both collectors and decorators.

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What our customers say!

Acquiring a piece from my dear friend Hadi is truly a journey. We start that journey with a lesson and detailed background on any piece that is of interest. After a thorough discussion regarding the chosen piece or should I say marvel, since Hadi's pieces are truly marvels, Hadi guides us into why he would advise us to acquire it or go for another of his marvels that would suit us more than the one initially chosen. This sincere advice always makes us feel that we are generously taken care of by Hadi. The learning process and honesty in guidance make us go back only to Hadi whenever we are looking for our next beautiful piece for our homes. All I can say is thank you Hadi for your impeccable guidance and service. Abdullah Al-Awadhi, Kuwait 🇰🇼



“I practically furnished my entire home with carpets from Hadi. The process was not only a joy but it was also a learning experience for me. Hadi was super helpful in identifying the right pieces for my home that would both work with my taste, budget, sizes required and that would be a good investment for my family. Hadi’s collection is second to none, and his knowledge and service is truly the blessing on top.” Amr Banaja, Public Investment Fund, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦


You can't only be a customer of Hadi Maktabi. While his main purpose is rug dealing, he starts with story telling and ends with history selling. That's what I call high-end art curating and closing it all with an entertaining friendship. George El Hani, CEO Levica, Lebanon 🇱🇧


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